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Gi-unu kay namo pagsugod.

It all started one afternoon,
22 years ago, at 1027 North Edge-mont St.
Los Angeles
where B u t u a n o n s,
full of dreams
and idealism,
yet confronted with the daunting challenge of
forming an association that would withstand time
and overcome the
pitfalls that ruined many hometown organizations,
decided to organize themselves.
Ben Fortun,
responsible for initiating the meeting,
was unanimously elected the first president,
while Mario Sibayan, Dorcas Lasam, Nards Buranday, Moren Trillo, Totoy Balanon,
Mely Trillo, Nonong Villanueva, Walter Abrantes and a number of others filled-up the rest of the pioneer positions. On the same day,
they were able to define


as anybody who has a consequence with
Butuan through
heritage, tradition,
and experience; anyone who has had a relationship with
Butuan by birth,
by blood,
by association or
by emotion.
In time, new names were added to the rooster of officers like Nars Jandug, Pris Osin Harper, Totoy Flores,
Tinoy Santos, Jessie Sioson,
Nonoy Lopez & Gabby Ortiz, bringing in greater
vigor and strength to the club.

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