Sin-o Ba Tuni Kami?



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"Sin-o Ba Tuni Kami?"

The Butuan Club of Southern California,
a duly recognized organization is very glad for your interest in visiting our site.

BCSC '98 Picnic

Organized for the last 22 years, the club has been actively participating in the Southern California community activities. Our known prowess in basketball was proven here when we twice bagged the Division II, Los Angeles Filipino-American Basketball Tournament Title, with the 1997 crown as its most recent. The Balanghai Newsletter circulated semi-annually had become the most convenient source of capsulated information, updates & activities of the Butuanons, not only here in the United States, but also in our home city.

These were all the fruits of all hard labours of sincere & dedicated Butuanons who altogether build upon the foundation carefully laid down by their founding elders. With the strong leadership of Mr. Gabby Ortiz, we have tried to maintain and reinforce the ties that bind all of the Butuanons.

This site was conceptualized inorder to recognize the efforts of a trully valued leader, as well as the duly supportive Butuanons. These inspired the brilliant minds of three Butuanons from the San Fernando Valley, California in the person of Jun Lopez, Miller Arranguez & Anthony Labajo, to develop this page.

To Gabby, you really have inspired us. We hope that your successors will equal, if not, even surpass your innovative leadership.

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