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About the Logo

The logo of Butuan Club,
the handshake or linked hands, is an artistic
contribution of Mr. Jun Buranday.
This symbolizes the club's clear
expression of openness & solidarity.

This web page, finalized on
March 18, 1999, was made possible
with the help of the following:
Jun Lopez (Urios '82, Beta Sigma Member,
Urios Chapter);
Anthony Labajo (ANHS 89);
&, Gabby Ortiz (BCSC President).
Regular updating will be done
continuosly to further enhance
this web page & likewise
inform everybody relevant issues & concerns
about Butuanons and as well as
about our home city.
Today! Butuan Club of Southern California
will be seen around the world.....

Site Updated Last Sept. 14, 1999...Mabuhay Mga Butuanon Ug Taga Caraga Region!


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