Pastor Manasseh C. Arranguez Family Tree


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Blessed by the Almighty God they nourished six children, 3 boys and 3 girls: Namely:

Margie N. Arranguez the oldest, borned in Padada, Davao-1954,Nov.10.Married to Leo Titus a Senior Citizen working for Space Crafts and installing Satellites Station throughout the world.Now residing in Torrance, Los Angeles, California.

Hiljoare N. Arranguez the 2nd born on September 6, 1956, Davao. a commerce student. married to former Jocelyn Pantaleon, Butuan City has a boy named Robert William Arranguez, residing in North Hollywood california.

Third, Evelyn A. Gallao a clinical Laboratory Scientist and passed the state board exam. in L.A. Califonia. Married to Jonathan Gallao an Optimetrist an a Nurse, residing in Lancaster, Antelope Valley, CA. Having two children, Jonathan Jr. and Jennifer.

Next Gene luz A. Vacalares a Dentistry graduate whose husband is Cribert Vacalares has 3 children, Christopher Kit, Claudine Ann, and Von Gail. residing in Opol, Cagayan de oro city, Philippines.

The 5th child is Mcnear N. Arranguez a Bachelor, takes care of our properties in the Philippines.

The youngest Miller N. Arranguez a Nurse born in Cebu City on October 26, 1964 married to Ma. Amelia Leonero, Butuan City, Philippines, a nurse bearing three children, the eldest is Donley L. Arranguez a boy and two sisters Clarrissa May and Mary Katrin L. Arranguez. At this moment residing at Laurel Cyn. Blvd. N. Hollywood, CA. working in the Retirement Home for elderly.

By God's blessings and watch cares, Pastor M.C. Arranguez Family Tree stood strong in physical, spiritual, and financial growth.

By : Pastor M.C. Arranguez