Pastor Manasseh C. Arranguez Biography


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Deut. 20:19 "The Tree is Man's Life"

Pastor Manasseh C. Arranguez was nurtured under a Christian family, whose father's name was Jose T. Arranguez , married to Eufricina Conje , all from Daan Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines.

Having a family of 12 children, Pastor M.C. Arranguez was the oldest among the 9 boys with 3 girls in the family circle.

During the 2nd World War, when the Japanese Imperial Army bombed the Pearl Harbor and Gen. MacArthur was sent to the Philippines and landed in Leyte, as a volunteer, worked in 121 Medical Batallion Company D. American Division in Leyte as a translator of the U.S.A. Army.

His education from the grass root level up to Elementary grades were molded by the Christian school church teachers in particular and finished his secondary course in East Visayan Academy , Bulacao, Cebu City, Philippines 1948.

With high interest in Ministry, he obtained his AB. Theology in Mountain View College , Bukidnon, Philippines in 1951 under the American instructors, headed by Professor Nelson.

In 1953, June 14, he was married to former Esther M. Niere , and E.T.C. graduate from the Philippine Union College , Manticao, branch Mindanao.

He was called to serve the Lord under the field of the South Philippine Union Mission , Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao. His lovely wife teached in the Elementary church school in Digos, Davao City; Manasseh Arranguez was assigned to educate the ethic tribes; the Manobo , Bagobo , on the hills of Davao and Cotabato; after which they were moved to a higher responsibilities of works in the Mission fields.

Here are some of his unbroken services for 21 years in different positions and places confirmed by each President as recorded in Worker's Record of the Mission.

Full Name : Manasseh Conje Arranguez; Birth place : Daan Bantayan Cebu, on the 15th of January 1925; Baptized April 1937 : Masbate by Pastor Cahilig.

Ministerial Credential , Dec. 1968.

Diploma earned AB Theology Philippine Union College, 1953 Major Bible. Minor History.

Languages spoken : Cebuan, Tagalog, English and Spanish.

Position or Type of work :

1941-1942 Teaching - East Vision Mission.

1957-1958 Teaching - Southern Mindanao Mission.

1958-1959 Teaching - Southern Mindanao Mission.

1965 District Leader - Northern Mindanao Mission.

1966 District Leader - Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

1967-1969 EducationalSecretary - Northeastern,Mindanao Misssion.

1970-1972 District Leader - Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

1973-1974 District Leader - Western Mindanao Mission.

1975-1976 Stewardship Director - Western Mindanao Mission.

1977 Mission Evangelist - Western Mindanao Mission.

1978-1982 Mission Evangelist - Temperance Director and Communication Director of Davao Mission.

February 7 1983. He served from the Mission processing his papers for going abroad in United States of America. While waiting for approval he was called as President of the Seventh Day Adventist Conference Association of the Philippines ; Serving for eight consecutive years of the new DA Organization in the Philippines, until 1990.

On July the 1st 1991 he became a US Immigrant. On September 6, 1996, he and his wife sworn before the United States of American Court at Los Angeles, California as a bonafide citizen of the country.